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Seven Letters

The Seven Letters of Jesus Christ

To the churches in Revelation and for the church today

Christ has left on record how the churches would perform down through the ages. What did He say and what was His advice? These letters are crucial for understanding what is happening in Christendom today. In these letters Christ reports on seven churches in existence at the time John received the revelation. The description of the churches speak of trials that since John's day have continued through the ages.

Some see the seven letters as descriptive both of seven ages that the church has gone through, and of issues that have persisted in all of them. In addition, the letters allude to events that still await a future fulfillment. In short, these letters are for us to learn from today.

The Seven Letters cover the Church Age – that is, the period between the first coming of Christ as the Lamb of God and His second coming as the Lion of Judah. The Church Age is a prequel to the age to come which is called the Millennium, which Christ will establish on His return to reign, and about which he advised us to watch and pray. There is reward for those who have that expectation of His coming. The letters prophecy the division among believers over the role of Israel and what Christ is going to do it about.

A reading plan is built in and spread over the fifty days between the feast of Resurrection and the feast of Pentecost. We need to read and meditate on what Christ has said to the seven churches and see how it applies to our own individual churches.

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