PARASHAH 19 - 27

Parashah 19 - T’rumah - Contribution - Exodus 25.1 – 27.19

Shabbat Exodus 25.1-16 Willing offerings for the tabernacle construction. Design of the ark of the covenant. Carrying poles not to be removed.
Mark 12.41-13.2 The offering of the widow’s mite is worth most as it is her all. Jesus prophesies the destruction of the temple.
2 Corinthians 9.1 – 15 God loves a cheerful giver. Giving can bless both parties and should not be an extortion. God will supply all needs.
Sunday Exodus 25.17 – 40 Design of the menorah, cherubim on the Ark where God will commune with Moses, who received the design from God.
Matthew 5.14 – 16 Let the light which you have received from God so shine that people will praise God.
Revelation 1. 12 – 16 The seven golden menorah in heaven in the midst of which is the Son of Man shining like the sun.
Monday Exodus 26. 1 – 14 Significance of the tabernacle curtain colours:Blue, divine; red, blood of Jesus; scarlet, combines divine and human.
Mark 9.2 – 8 Peter wants to build three tabernacles but we are to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are to listen to God's Son.
Hebrews 11.8 – 10 Abraham lived by faith in tents and received his inheritance. We too are in a temporary tabernacle (tent) living by faith.
Tuesday Exodus 26.15 – 30 Wooden plank walls demarcate the presence of God. A wall of separation around the tabernacle.
John 10. 1 – 5 Jesus is the door of the sheepfold; His sheep hear His voice to enter in. No fence jumping. Jesus the living tabernacle.
Revelation 21. 15 – 22 The jasper walls of the New Jerusalem; twelve gates; no temple here because of the eternal presence of the Lord.
Wednesday Exodus 26. 31 – 37 The curtains of blue, purple, and scarlet, dividing the Holy of Holies from the Holy Place.
Matthew 27.50 – 51 Jesus dies, the divine sheds His blood, the temple curtain is ripped apart to open the way to the Holy of Holies on high.
Hebrews 9.1 –14 The true tabernacle is not man made. The Messiah has established a greater and more perfect tabernacle.
Thursday Exodus 27. 1 – 8 God's design for the altar which has carrying poles and is to be taken wherever God leads them.
John 4.19 – 24 God's design for true worshippers is to worship in spirit and truth.
Revelation 8.1 –5 An angel adds incense to the prayers of the saints on the altar in heaven; they ascend to God. Fire off the altar cast to earth.
Friday Exodus 27.9 – 19 Forecourt to the tabernacle for all; vessels of brass and not gold as in the Holy Place. Prepares us for the Holy Place.
Luke 7.24 –28 John prepares the Messiah’s way, is a forerunner to the kingdom but the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than John.
Galatians 3.23 – 25 The Torah was our school master, preparing us for the Messiah. We are now declared righteous by faith in Jesus.

Haftarah 1 Kings 5.26 – 6.13

Parashah 20 - Tetzavah - You are to order - Exodus 27.20 – 30 10

Shabbat Exodus 27.20 – 28.12 Oil for the tabernacle lamp always burning; priests’ garments; tribal names on onyx stones on priest’s shoulders.
Matthew 25.1 –13 Oil for the lamps of the wise virgins. Jesus did not know the foolish ones. Oil not a part time option. Going when called.
Revelation 1.12-16 One like the Son of Man among the lamp stands in heaven. Description of garments, speech. He is like fire, sun.
Sunday Exodus 28.13 – 30 The priest’s breastplate and its twelve jewels; the means (Urim and Thurim) for judging are over the heart.
John 7.14 – 24 We are to judge right judgments. Anyone who wants to do God’s will knows that Jesus’ teaching is from God.
Romans 11.33 – 36 The inscrutable judgments of God. The depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God.
Monday Exodus 28.31 – 43 Bells and blue, purple, scarlet pomegranates on Aaron's robes of dignity and splendour for he bears the people’s guilt.
Luke 22.39 – 46 Jesus, our high priest, sweats drops of blood before he takes our guilt to the cross so that we may enter the Holy Place.
Hebrews 4.14 - 16 We can confidently enter the Holy Place because we have a high priest who knows what we experience.
Tuesday Exodus 29.1 – 18 The priests are washed, clothed, anointed and consecrated accompanied by blood offerings in order to minister.
Luke 1.8 – 25 Zechariah, duty high priest, struck dumb when he doubts Gabriel’s message. Not a sinless priest. Silence if you don’t believe.
Hebrews 5.1 – 7 The high priest was appointed by God and had to offer sacrifice for his own sins but Jesus is our sinless high priest.
Wednesday Exodus 29.19 – 37 Seven days of consecration when blood applied to the high priest Aaron’s right ear, hand, foot.
Luke 2.22 – 32 Mary and Joseph offer a sacrifice of two doves or pigeons for Jesus. Simeon recognizes the Messiah (our High Priest).
James 1.22 Be doers and not hearers only of the word. Pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit on the ear to hear, hand to do, foot to go.
Thursday Exodus 29.38 – 46 A lamb sacrificed morning and evening. God will meet with the priest to speak with him. His glory consecrates the place.
Luke 2.36 – 38 Anna, a prophetess to whom God spoke, meets with Jesus in the Temple. She witnesses to those expecting the Redeemer.
1 John 2.27 – 29 His Messianic anointing continues to teach us so that when we meet Him (as Anna did) we will not shrink back in shame.
Friday Exodus 30.1 – 10 Only incense burnt on the altar of incense for a sweet smell. Once a year blood allowed: no incense without atonement.
John 12.3 Mary anoints Jesus for burial. A sweet smell fills the house. Jesus' atonement rises with a sweet fragrance to the Father.
Revelation 5.6 – 14 Effect of the shed blood of Jesus. Bowls filled with incense of the prayers of God’s people. The Lamb's kingdom of priests.

Haftarah Ezekiel 43.10 – 27

Parashah 21 - Ki Tisa - When you are able - Exodus 30.11 – 34.35

Shabbat Exodus 30.11 – 31.17 Requirements for remaining as God’s people; cleansing, making holy, anointing oil; command to rest on Shabbat.
Matthew 12.1-15 Is it lawful to heal on Shabbat? Someone greater than the temple is here. Jesus is Lord over Shabbat.
Hebrews 4.1 – 11 We are to rest from our work as God rested from His and so enter the rest of God.
Sunday Exodus 31.18 – 33.11 The golden calf built by those who consider Moses a long time in coming. Aaron not leading as he should have.
Luke 12.41 – 48 The servant thinks his master is a long time in coming and begins behaving badly. We need to keep focussed on Christ.
Galatians 1.6 – 12; 3.1 The Galatians have foolishly wandered from the truth and into another gospel made by man.
Monday Exodus 33.12 – 16 Moses intercedes. It is only God’s presence that indicates His favour and distinguishes His people.
Matthew 28. 18 – 20 Jesus promises to be always with His disciples when they go to the nations.
Colossians 1.27 Christ in you is your hope of glory.
Tuesday Exodus 33.17 – 23 Moses in the cleft of the rock as the glory passes for he has found grace in the sight of God.
John 17.24 – 26 Jesus wants the Father to show to the disciples the glory the Father has given Him.
Revelation 4.11 Glory, honour and power to God for He alone is worthy.
Wednesday Exodus 34.1 - 9 Moses again goes up Mount Sinai. Others not to approach. God pronounces His name. Moses asks God to go with them.
John 18. 4 – 9 Jesus says ‘I am’ and the soldiers fall back. The name that affirms His divinity. Other disciples not to be arrested.
Acts 4.11 – 12 The power of the name of God for it is the character of God. No other name given under heaven whereby we may be saved.
Thursday Exodus 34.10 – 26 Worship no other God. Our God is a jealous God. Key festivals. None to appear before God empty handed.
John 15.1 – 17 We can be fruitful, that is, not empty handed, through abiding in the vine and, being His friends, doing as he commands.
1 Timothy 1.15 – 17 Worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ who came into the world to save sinners.
Friday Exodus 34.27 – 35 Moses wears a veil because the glory from being in God’s presence made people afraid to talk to him.
Mark 9.2 – 10 A cloud covers the Apostles when Jesus is transfigured. The Father’s love for the Son. We are to listen (Heb: shema) to the Son.
2 Corinthians 3.12 – 18 A veil that Jesus removes when we turn to Him and we with open faces will be changed from glory to glory.

Haftarah 1 Kings 18.1 – 39

Parashah 22 - Vayak’hel - He assembled - Exodus 35.1 – 38.20

In leap years Parashah 22 is said on its own; in other years said with Parashah 23.
Shabbat Exodus 35.1 – 20 Through Moses God invites whosoever has a willing heart to gift precious materials to furnish the tabernacle.
John 3.15 – 16 Jesus invites whosoever will to believe in Him. Bring our faith to Jesus – His gift is eternal life.
1Peter 2.4 – 10 We are living stones built up into a spiritual house; once not a people we are now God’s people through belief in Jesus.
Sunday Exodus 35.21 – 29 Everyone whose spirit makes him willing is to bring jewellery, yarn, skins, leather. Skilled women to spin the yarn.
Matthew 7.11 Your Father in heaven knows how to give you good gifts for us to use to His honour.
1 Corinthians 12.4 – 7 There are different kinds of gifts, ministries, workings, but the same Spirit gives them for the good of all.
Monday Exodus 35.30 – 36.7 Bezaliel filled with the Spirit of God for building the artefacts used in the tabernacle.
John 14.26 Jesus promises that the Father will send the Holy Spirit on His disciples to teach them all things.
Acts 6.1 – 6 People who are full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom and faith are appointed to deal with the catering.
Tuesday Exodus 36.8 – 19 Wise-hearted men make linen sheets to surround tabernacle and its coverings of goats hair, ram skin, badger skin.
Mark 14.50- 51 If you desert Jesus you lose your covering. A disciple flees and leaves his only garment in the hands of those arresting him.
1 Peter 4.8 – 11 Love covers a multitude of sins. Use of gifts to serve others so that God may be glorified.
Wednesday Exodus 36.20 – 37.16 Bezaliel makes planks for the tabernacle; curtains; screen; the ark, cherubim; carrying poles; shewbread table.
Mark 2.25 – 26 David entered the house of God and took the shewbread off the table and ate it.
Hebrews 9.2 – 5 Description showing that the table of the shewbread was in the sanctuary outside the Holy of Holies.
Thursday Exodus 37.17 – 29 The menorah lamp stand described and built; altar of incense; the holy anointing oil.
Matthew 5 14 – 16 You are the light of the world. Let your light shine before men so that God is glorified.
Acts 13.46 – 49 Paul and Barnabas called to be a light to the nations to the ends of the earth for their salvation.
Friday Exodus 38.1 – 20 The altar of burnt offering and utensils for it; basin; courtyard curtains; door screen.
Mark 12.32 – 34 Loving your neighbour is worth more than all whole burnt offerings and sacrifices.
Hebrews 10.4 – 10 Jesus is our offering made once for all. No pleasure in burnt offerings. Now we are sanctified through the Jesus’ offering.

Haftarah 1 Kings 7.40 – 50

Parashah 23 - P’kudei - Accounts - Exodus 38.21 – 40.38

In leap years Parashah 23 has its own week, otherwise it combines with Parashah 22.
Shabbat Exodus 38.21 – 39.1 The tabernacle of testimony and priestly garments made. People donate gold, silver, bronze. Half shekel levy same for all.
Mark 10.17 – 31 The rich young man who is not able to part with his wealth and follow Jesus.
2 Corinthians 8.9 – 15 Jesus became poor in order to make us rich. Equality by sharing abundance with those who may supply their lack.
Sunday Exodus 39.2 – 21 Beautiful garments. Priest’s vest of gold; onyx stones; breastpiece with twelve jewels engraved with tribes’ names.
Luke 12.27 – 28 Beauty for the believer. The lilies of the field and how God will clothe us.
Revelation3.5 Clothing for the overcomer, who shall be clothed in white garments and his name confessed before the Father.
Monday Exodus 39.22 – 32 Blue robe hem decorated with pomegranates (the blood) and bells (life ); a turban inscribed ‘Set apart for Adonai’.
Matthew 9.20 – 22 A woman touches the hem of the robe of Jesus and is healed.
Revelation 7.1 – 3 The seal of God on the foreheads of those set apart for God.
Tuesday Exodus 39.33 – 43Tabernacle, its furnishings, garments – all completed exactly as the Lord had ordered. Blessing for the workmen.
John 19.28 – 30 Jesus, on the cross, knowing that he has accomplished His mission, says, ‘It is finished.’ The work of salvation is complete.
1 Peter 3.18 – 22 Jesus died once for all. His salvation is complete – nothing else need be added.
Wednesday Exodus 40.1 – 16 On the first day of the first month the tabernacle set up and Aaron and his sons anointed, consecrated, for service.
Luke 24.44 – 49 Jesus sends his disciples forth to witness but first they are to wait to receive power from on high for service.
1 Peter 2.4 – 10 A royal priesthood, living stones, priests set apart for God’s service to proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you.
Thursday Exodus 40.17 – 27 Ark brought into the tabernacle, lamps lit, incense offered. Moses acts as the Lord commanded him.
Luke 12.49 – 53 Following Jesus’ commands involves separation from the things of this world - even families may be divided.
Hebrews 9.11 – 12 The Messiah entered the Holiest place once and for all, having obtained redemption.
Friday Exodus 40.28 – 38 Altar set up for the burnt offering; the glory of God fills the tabernacle. The people move when the cloud guides them.
Matthew 3.16 – 17 The Spirit of God comes on Jesus and His Father voices His approval, so we know to be guided by Him.
Romans 8.26 – 32 How the Spirit helps us in our weakness to conform to the pattern of Jesus.

Haftarah 1 Kings 7.51 – 8.21

Vayak’hel and P’kudei Combined

Parashah 22 and Parashah 23 Combined into one week in a regular year.
Shabbat Exodus 35.1-29 Whosoever has a willing heart may bring gifts to the making of the tabernacle, where the Lord was worshipped.
John 3. 15 - 16Whosoever believes in Him will have eternal life. Bring our faith to Jesus – His gift is eternal life.
1 Peter 2.4 – 10 We are living stones in a spiritual temple. We who were once not a people are now the people of God.
Sunday Exodus 35.30 – 37.16 Bezaliel and his craftsmen, gifted by God, work on making the tabernacle, ark, table of shewbread.
Matthew 7.11 Your Father in heaven knows how to give good gifts for us to use to His honour.
1 Corinthians 12.4 – 6 There are different kinds of gifts, ministries, workings, but the same Spirit gives them for the good of all.
Monday Exodus 37.17 – 29 The making of the golden menorah, incense altar, anointing oil, incense for worship.
John 4.19 – 24 God seeks those who will worship Him. True worship is not found in a place but in people worshipping in spirit and in truth.
Revelation 4.4 – 11 Worship is seen in heaven. God’s holiness, glory, honour and power are declared.
Tuesday Exodus 38.1 – 39.1 Utensils; the setting up of the courtyard; amounts of gold, silver and bronze donated.
Luke 7. 1 – 10 Account of a miracle for a man who built a synagogue and whose faith amazed Jesus.
1 Peter 1.3 – 9 A faith that is more valuable than gold which perishes. An imperishable inheritance from faith leading to salvation.
Wednesday Exodus 39.2 – 21 Beautiful garments. Priest’s vest of gold; onyx stones; breastpiece with twelve jewels engraved with tribes’ names.
Luke 12.27 – 28 Beauty for the believer. The lilies of the field and how God will clothe us.
Revelation 3.5 Clothing for the overcomer, who shall be clothed in white garments and his name confessed before the Father.
Thursday Exodus 39.22 – 43 On the priest’s turban: ‘Holy, set apart for Adonai’. The work of the tabernacle complete.
Luke 1.72 – 75 Serving God. We are called to serve God without fear, in holiness and righteousness.
Ephesians 2.19 – 22 We are no longer foreigners and strangers but being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit.
Friday Exodus 40.1 –38 Moses sets up the tabernacle and the cloud of the presence of God comes down on it. People move when the cloud does.
Matthew 24.31 We shall see the Son of Man coming in clouds of glory to gather the elect.
1 Corinthians 10.1 – 4 All of them were guided by the pillar of cloud, and drank from the rock and that rock was Christ.

Haftarah 1 Kings 7.40 – 8.21

Parashah 24 - Vayikrah - He called - Leviticus 1.1 – 6.7

Shabbat Leviticus 1.1 – 13 Burnt offering to be a male without defect; inner parts washed then burnt on the altar a fragrant aroma, approved by God.
Matthew 3.13 – 17 Jesus’ baptism to fulfil righteousness. Holy Spirit appears as a dove and the Father reveals His approval for His Son.
1 Peter 1.18 – 19 We were redeemed not by something perishable but by Jesus the lamb without defect.
Sunday Leviticus 1.14 – 2.6 Types of offerings: doves, pigeons; grain, olive oil, frankincense. A sweet aroma.
Mark 14.3 – 9 Jesus anointed as a sweet smelling offering ahead of His burial. The fragrance lasts to this day.
Ephesians 5.1 – 2 Imitate the Messiah, who offered Himself with a pleasing fragrance, living a life of love.
Monday Leviticus 2.7 – 16 No leaven in the grain offerings, which are always to be seasoned with salt.
Mark 9.49 – 50 Being salted with fire. Have salt in yourself to be at peace with each other.
Colossians 4.5 – 6 What we are comes out in the way we speak to others. Speak with grace seasoned with salt.
Tuesday Leviticus 3.1 – 17 The peace offering (also translated fellowship offering): may be male or female; not to consume the fat or the blood.
Luke 19.41 – 44 Jesus weeps over Jerusalem because she neither knew the things that made for her peace nor the time of her visitation.
Romans 5.1 Let us continue to have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Wednesday Leviticus 4.1 – 26 Offerings for unintentional sins: the priest makes atonement by pouring blood on horns, foot of the altar for forgiveness.
John 19.32 – 37 Blood and water flow out from the side of Jesus (to the foot of the cross?). Jesus is the offering for our sins.
1 John 1.8 – 9; 3.20If we confess He is faithful to forgive because of His atonement. If our hearts condemn us God is greater than our hearts.
Thursday Leviticus 4.27 – 5.10 Individual confession of sin and offerings for forgiveness, for atonement, a lamb or two doves or two pigeons.
Matthew 5.23 – 24 Making a gift offering at the altar only when you are at peace with your brother. Importance of heart attitude.
Hebrews 12.1 – 8Press on, putting away sin and looking to Jesus. God is dealing with you as sons. His discipline shows we are His children.
Friday Leviticus 5.11 – 6.7 Sin offerings from the very poor. Restitution guide and guilt offerings. He will be forgiven.
Mark 12.41 – 44 A poor widow’s offering of a mite was worth more than those of the rich, who gave out of their wealth.
Ephesians 4.29 – 32 Getting rid of sin so as not to grieve the Holy Spirit; having been forgiven forgive others and be kind to each other.

Haftarah Isaiah 43.21 – 44.23

Parashah 25 - Tzav - Give an order - Leviticus 6.8 – 8.36

Shabbat Leviticus 6.8 – 18 A continual burnt offering remained overnight on the altar.The offering eaten in a holy place. Ashes outside the camp.
Mark 11.15 – 18 Cleansing of the Temple for it had become a den of thieves when it should have been a place of prayer and praise.
Hebrews 13.10 – 15 Let us continually offer praise, going outside the camp with Jesus bearing His reproach, seeking a city to come.
Sunday Leviticus 6.19 – 7.10 Grain offering of the priest burnt up completely. Priests eat the guilt offering in the holy place. Obedience in sacrifice.
Matthew 19.21 – 22 The young man unwilling to get rid of his riches completely to follow and obey Jesus and so be perfect.
James 2.5 – 13 The poor have been chosen to be rich in faith. Loving your neighbour is the royal law.
Monday Leviticus 7.11 – 38 The offerer brings the peace (fellowship) offering in his own hands; eaten on the day; the unclean may not eat it.
John 14.27 Jesus leaves us His peace. His peace is not the peace that the world gives. His peace came through His sacrifice.
2 Corinthians 13. 11 Being complete with the peace of God. Being of one mind, having the mind of Christ.
Tuesday Leviticus 8.1 – 13 The priests are washed, clothed and anointed and so consecrated for service. Anointing oil on Aaron’s head to sanctify him.
Matthew 22.11 – 14 The need to be clothed in a wedding garment otherwise you will thrown out of the feast.

Acts 1.8You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and thus be anointed for service.
Wednesday Leviticus 8.14 – 21 The people watch the consecration of the priests whose sin is transferred to the sacrifice. The blood purifies the altar.
Luke 23.39 – 43 One of the thieves acknowledges his own sin but that Jesus is sinless. Jesus, our sinless sacrifice, rewards his faith appeal.
Hebrews 4.15 A high priest like us yet without sin who can empathise with us as He did with the thief on the cross.
Thursday Leviticus 8.22 – 29 The ram of consecration offering. It’s blood put on the right ear (hearing God), thumb (doing His will), toe (walk His path).
Luke 9.57 – 62 Being fit to serve in the kingdom of God. Severing ties to follow Jesus in what we do (hand on the plough) and eye on the goal.
Ephesians 3.14 – 19 Being strengthened with might by the Spirit to serve; knowing God’s love; that Christ may dwell in our heart by faith.
Friday Leviticus 8.30 – 36 Moses anoints and consecrates Aaron and his sons. For seven days of consecration they remain at the tabernacle entrance.
Luke 24.44 – 49 Remain in the city until you have been anointed with power from on high to preach repentance leading to forgiveness of sin.
Acts 3.12 – 16 Peter explains faith in Jesus is the source of the power that healed the cripple at the Gate Beautiful at the Temple entrance.

Haftarah Jeremiah 7.21 – 8.3; 9.22 – 23

Parashah 26 - Sh’mini - Eighth - Leviticus 9.1 – 11.32

Shabbat Leviticus 9.1 – 16 Sin and burnt offerings, peace and grain offerings for priests and people; the glory of Adonai will appear.
Luke 13.1 – 5 Accounts of people killed or slaughtered are reminders to turn to God from our sin and our need for the sin offering.
1 Corinthians 3.11 – 15The quality of one’s work tested by fire. There is only one foundation on which to build.
Sunday Leviticus 9.17 – 23 Moses and Aaron come out of the tent of meeting to bless the people. The glory of the Lord appeared to all the people.
Matthew 24.30 – 31 All will see the Son of Man when He returns coming in the clouds of heaven.
1 John 3.1 – 2 When He appears we will be like Him because we will see Him as He really is.
Monday Leviticus 9.24 – 10.11 Fire consumes offerings. Two sons consumed for unauthorized offering. Were they bareheaded, clothes torn, drunk?
John 6.48 – 69 This is a hard saying. Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. The Spirit gives life, the flesh is no help.
Hebrews 12.25 – 29 Our God is a consuming fire. Offer service that will please God. Things not shaken will remain.
Tuesday Leviticus 10. 12 – 15 Eat the grain offering by the altar because it is especially holy.
Mark 2.23 – 28 David and his men ate the Bread of the Presence. The Son of Man, Lord even of the Sabbath, takes us into the Holy Place.
1 Corinthians 11.27 – 31 Don't eat and drink unworthily; recognize the body; recognize holiness.
Wednesday Leviticus 10. 16- 20 Aaron explains why he didn’t eat the sin offering; we are aware he is not a sinless priest.
John 1.29 – 34 The sinless Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. He is the priest without sin.
Hebrews 5.1 – 5The high priest like Aaron had weaknesses and had to offer sacrifices for his own sins. Not so the Messiah.
Thursday Leviticus 11.1 – 32 Clean and unclean animals listed and contact regulated so people remain holy to God and able to be used by Him.
Mark 11.12 – 22 Early fruit appears before the leaves on the fig tree. Have the kind of faith that comes from God and you will be fruitful.
Acts 10.9 – 16 We are not to treat as unclean the things that God has made clean.
Friday Leviticus 11.33 – 47 Distinguishing between clean and unclean. You are to be holy because I am holy.
Luke 12.22 – 36 Don't worry about what you will eat and drink because life is more than food.
2 Timothy 2.20 – 21 Keep free from defilement and you can be available for honourable use and every kind of good work.

Haftarah 2 Samuel 6.1 – 7.17

Parashah 27 - Tazria - She conceives - Leviticus12.1 - 13.59

In leap years Parashah 27 has its own week; in regular years it is combined with Parashah 28
Shabbat Leviticus 12.1 – 13.5 Circumcision when the baby is eight days old. Purification of the mother thirty three days after that.
Luke 2.21 – 24 Jesus is circumcised according to the law and Mary goes up to the Temple when the days for her purification were over.
Galatians 2.7 – 8 The Gospel is taken to the circumcised by Peter and to the uncircumcised by Paul.
Sunday Leviticus 13.6 – 17 Checking for leprosy. Procedures whereby the priest determines if someone is free of it or not.
Luke 17.12 – 19 Jesus sends ten lepers to the priest for inspection and they are healed as they go. One returns to thank Him.
Galatians 4.12 – 15 Paul’s physical infirmity could have opened him to scorn from the Galatians but not so – they received him.
Monday Leviticus 13.18 – 23 Determining if a boil is leprosy or not. If the hair turns white it is leprosy.
Matthew 10.29 – 30 Every hair on your head has been numbered.
2 Corinthians 1.8 – 11 God rescued us from deadly perils and he will rescue us again.
Tuesday Leviticus 13.24 – 28 Seeing if burns develop into leprosy.
Matthew 8.1 – 4 Jesus touches a leper and heals him and sends him to the priest for examination and the sacrifice required.
James 5.1 – 5 The fire of luxury is eating up the flesh of the rich who have treated their servants badly.
Wednesday Leviticus 13.29 – 37 Dealing with the sick. Fourteen day isolation to see if sores on the head spread. If so, the person is unclean.
Luke 16.19 – 31 The poor man with sores licked by dogs dies and goes to heaven. Dealing with the sick in this life and life in the next.
James 5.14 – 15 Dealing with the sick in the church.The elders in the congregation are to pray for the sick.
Thursday Leviticus 13.38 – 54 Social isolation and shame because of leprosy: dress code mandated and warnings to be sounded.
John 19.23 – 24 Jesus took our shame to the cross; He was stripped of his clothes. He offers us a clean, seamless robe of righteousness.
2 Timothy 4.9 - 13 Socially Paul is forsaken by some but helped by others in both bodily (the cloak) and spiritual ways (books).
Friday Leviticus 13.55 – 59 Tearing out stained portion of a garment. If the stain reappears the garment is contagious and to be destroyed.
Mark 10.46 – 52 Blind Bartimaeus throws aside his garment. He is willing to lose his ‘security blanket’ to answer the call of Jesus.
Jude 22 – 23 Having compassion and rescuing people, hating even the garment stained by sin.

Haftarah 2 Kings 4.42 – 5.19