PARASHAH 10 - 18

Parashah 10 - Mikketz - At the end - Genesis 41.1-44.17

Shabbat Genesis 41.1-14 Pharaoh seeks an interpretation for his dream. He sends for the man who will be his saviour through his interpretation.
Matthew 27.19 Pilate ignores his wife’s dream warning him to have nothing to do with Jesus. Jesus is about to die to save us.
Acts 9.10-19 Ananias is told by God in a vision to confirm to Paul his calling to go and make his saviour known to the nations.
Sunday Genesis 41.15-38 Joseph acknowledges that God interprets dreams. Pharaoh’s dream is about what God is going to do.
Matthew 24.32-44 We are told that we are to interpret the signs of the times. Jesus gives us guidelines.
Revelation 1.1-3 God has not left us ignorant of what He plans to do and we will be blessed if we keep the things written in His Revelation.
Monday Genesis 41.39-52 Joseph made governor, rides in Pharaoh’s chariot, stores grain. His sons are born. His word is law under Pharaoh.
Matthew 21.1-17 Jesus rides on a donkey into Jerusalem and is recognized as Son of David, King of Israel.
James 1.2-12 Need to persevere in trials: rejoicing for both the lowly when exalted and for the rich when he is made low.
Tuesday Genesis 41.52-42.18 The famine. Joseph as deliver, a type of Christ. “Do what Joseph says.” His brothers tested by prison.
John 2.1-11 They go to Jesus when they run out of wine. Jesus as provider of new wine. "Do whatever He says."
Romans 6.1-14 Do not let sin reign in your mortal bodies. Recognizing the spiritual famine that sin brings. Yield to God not to sin.
Wednesday Genesis 42.19-43.15 Although Joseph feeds his brothers he needs to test their love. Simeon taken as a hostage.
John 21.15-19 Jesus tests Simon Peter’s love for Him before He commissions Peter to feed His sheep.
Philemon 8-20 Paul intercedes for the reinstating of a brother who had acted badly towards another.
Thursday Genesis 43.16- 29 The brethren are received, given water for washing by the servant of the one they sold and who will host them at dinner.
John 13.2-30 Jesus, Lord and Rabbi, is the suffering servant who washes the feet of His disciples. Judas leaves to betray Jesus.
1 Corinthians 11.17-34 Recognizing our brethren in the church so that we have unity in communion. Recognizing the body.
Friday Genesis 43.30-44.17 Benjamin suspected of theft. His brothers are upset. Joseph tests their love and delays his revelation.
John 11.1-6 Jesus delays going to Lazarus even though his sisters are upset. What is happening is for the glory of God.
Galatians 6.1-5 We are to bear one another’s burdens and so fulfil the law of Christ.

Haftarah 1 Kings 3.15-4.1

Parashah 11 - Va-yiggash - He approached - Genesis 44.18- 47.27

Shabbat Genesis 44.18-30 Judah explains the love of the father for Benjamin- son of the right hand. It’s about love for the father and each other.
John 3.16-17 God the Father’s love for us shown in Jesus to save the world and not condemn it.
Acts 7.55-56 As he dies Stephen sees Jesus, who had gone ahead to prepare a place for us, standing at the right hand of the Father.
Sunday Genesis 44.31-45.7 Joseph reveals himself as brother and tells them not to be distressed because God had sent him ahead to be deliverer.
Luke 24.36-48 Jesus reveals himself to His terrified disciples after his death and resurrection and tells them to be at peace.
Acts 2.32-36 Jesus, the one you crucified, has been exalted to the right hand of God and made Lord and Messiah.
Monday Genesis 45.8-18 Joseph weeps with each of his brothers and they are publicly acknowledged and encouraged by Pharaoh to settle in Egypt.
Matthew 25.35-40 When you are kind to the least of Jesus’ brothers you are kind to Him.
Colossians 2.13-15 Jesus has forgiven us and triumphed publicly over principalities and powers against us.
Tuesday Genesis 45.19-27 Joseph’s brothers are not to quarrel on the way home. Jacob’s spirit revives at the report about his son.
John 20.10 – 18 Angels’ presence recalls those on the Ark. Mary is to report to the brethren that our deliverer is alive and going to the Father.
Philippians 4.4-7 Be united and rejoice in the Lord always; be anxious for nothing even in adversity for Christ will keep you.
Wednesday Genesis 45.28-46.27 God reassures Jacob (‘Here am I’) on the way to Egypt that He will be with him. Seventy of them make the trip.
Matthew 2.13-23 Joseph is warned in a dream and goes down into Egypt with Mary and the Son of God.
Revelation 12.5-6 The child, who will rule the nations, is snatched up to God and the mother flees into the desert.
Thursday Genesis 46.28-47.10 Joseph is reunited with his father and his family comes to live in a foreign land.
John 17.14-19 Jesus asks His father to protect his disciples while they are in the world, a hostile environment.
Philippians 4.19-20 God will supply all our needs, so don't worry how you will cope in the world.
Friday Genesis 47.11-27 The Egyptians have to sell all to Pharaoh in order to get food. The Israelites prosper in Goshen.
Matthew 6.19-34 Relying on the provision of God who will feed you. You cannot serve God and mammon.
2 Corinthians 5.1-8 We may groan while on earth but we can be confident of God's provision.

Haftarah Ezekiel 37.15-28

Parashah 12 - Vayechi - He lived - Genesis 47.28- 50.26

Shabbat Genesis 47.28-48.9 Father and son: Jacob’s faith that God will restore his people to the land. Joseph’s alien sons accepted into inheritance.
Luke 7.11-16 Mother and son: Jesus speaks a word of life to restore the son and inheritance to the widow of Naim.
2 John 1-6 The elect lady and children: they walk in the love and the truth that the Father commands.
Sunday Genesis 48.10-16 Jacob blesses Ephraim the younger before Manasseh the elder; the grandfather thus giving precedence to the younger.
Luke 14.8-11 Do not take precedence over others by your own choice. Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled.
2 Timothy 1.3-12 Having received a calling from God work at it. Fan the flame of God’s gift. Grandmother and mother set a good precedent.
Monday Genesis 48.17-22 Jacob confirms the blessing on Ephraim whose offspring shall become greater.
Matthew 18.1-7 What is true greatness? Humility in the child leads to greatness in the kingdom. Don't scandalise children.
Hebrews 2.5-17 Jesus, made a little lower than the angels, is not ashamed to call us brothers. He shows the path to greatness, glory.
Tuesday Genesis 49.1-18 Jacob's prophecies over the twelve tribes and the end of time. The sceptre shall not depart from Judah until Shiloh comes.
Luke 2.25-35 The prophecy of Simeon over Jesus for the rising and falling of many. Shiloh has come.
Revelation7.4-12 Prophecy of the sealing of the 144,000 from every tribe and a great multitude that no one could number before the throne.
Wednesday Genesis 49.19-26 The blessing over him who was separated from his brothers points to blessings for others from a fruitful vine near a spring.
Matthew 24.45-51 Jesus tells of the blessings received by faithful servants when the Master returns.
Romans 16. 1-27 Paul acknowledges his faithful fellow workers and prays for Jesus' favour on them.
Thursday Genesis 49.27-50.20 Jacob’s burial in ‘Israel’ is a sign that God will fulfil His promises. Joseph reassures his brothers and won’t pull rank.
Luke 24.36-49 Jesus reassures his disciples, opens the Scriptures to them. Witness only after receiving the promise of the Father.
1 Corinthians 3.4-8 Disciples not to pull rank. It is God who gives the increase. Each will be rewarded according to his labours.
Friday Genesis 50.21-26 Joseph declares God will fulfil His promises. God has prepared a place for them in Israel. Joseph dies.
John 14.1-4 Jesus will surely take to the place He has prepared in His Father’s house those who have faith in Him.
Hebrews 11.21-22 By faith Jacob blessed his children and Joseph gave instructions for his reburial in Israel when his descendants left Egypt.

Haftarah 1 Kings 2.1-12

Parashah 13 - Shemot - Names - Exodus 1.1- 6.1

Shabbat Exodus1.1-17 Worldly power produces male infanticide. The innocent suffer before Moses arises to deliver his people.
Matthew 2.16-18 Powerful Herod orders the killing of male children under two years. The Holy Innocents suffer before the Deliverer comes.
James 3.14-16 James warns about worldly ambitions and their evil effect. The killing of the innocent before the Messiah returns?
Sunday Exodus 1.18-2.10 The birth of Moses, who is preserved when Pharaoh’s daughter finds him and arranges nursing.
Matthew 2.13-15 An angel warns Joseph to take Jesus and Mary to Egypt for His preservation.
2 Corinthians 4.7-12 We have our treasure in earthen vessels that the power may be of God, not of us, preserving us in distress.
Monday Exodus 2.11-25 Moses uses force to kill a man to help his fellows and flees to Midian where he draws water and finds a bride.
Matthew 26.51-54 (Peter) cuts off a soldier’s ear to 'help' Jesus who rejects force because he wants the word of God to be fulfilled.
Hebrews 4.12 Our weapon is the word of God which is sharper than any two edged sword. Spiritual force, not physical.
Tuesday Exodus 3.1-15 God, both transcendent and immanent at the burning bush, appoints Moses to deliver his people. God reveals His name.
Matthew 17.1-8 God reveals Jesus as His son on the Mount of Transfiguration and tells the Apostles to listen to Him.
Acts 9.1-16 Jesus reveals Himself to Paul on the road to Damascus and appoints him to bear the name of Jesus to the nations.
Wednesday Exodus 3.16-4.17 God works signs to encourage Moses to go to Pharaoh and appoints Aaron as spokesman for his reticent brother.
Luke 12.8-12 We are to confess Jesus before men and not to worry what to say for we will be given the words by the Holy Spirit.
1 Timothy 1.11-17 Paul, although once a blasphemer, now a believer, is entrusted to declare the Gospel ; empowered with grace overflowing.
Thursday Exodus 4.18-31 The threat in Egypt gone but Moses still to obey God re circumcision. Promise of deliverance arouses worship among Jews.
Matthew 10.1-20 Jesus' apostles are sent to deliver His people from demons, diseases and death. They will be like sheep among wolves.
2 Peter 1.3-11 God’s power has given us everything we need for life and godliness and to be His witnesses in the world.
Friday Exodus 5.1-6.1 The world system enslaves but the Jews are to hold on to the promise of God even in adversity. They shall see God's power.
Luke 17.1-10 Warning not to scandalize innocent children. Holding on in faith in adversity. The attitude of a true servant of Christ.
Philippians 3.7-14 Paul presses on for the mark, counting worldly things as loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Jesus.

Haftarah Isaiah 27.6-28; 29.22-23

Parashah 14 - Va'era - I appeared - Exodus 6.2- 9.35

Shabbat Exodus 6.2-13 Gods word about deliverance and the Promised Land. Discouraged people won’t listen. Moses still sent to speak to Pharaoh.
John 4.34-38 Jesus says that His food is to do the will of the One who sent Him. We are to obey His word to go out into the harvest.
2 Timothy 4.3-5 People will stop listening to the truth but you are to remain steady and proclaim the word of God and fulfil His commands.
Sunday Exodus 6.14-28 Genealogy of the sons of Reuben and Simeon and the priestly sons of Levi from Moses and Aaron on. Three women named.
Matthew 1.1-17 Genealogy of Jesus: from Abraham to the Messiah, our high priest of the house of David. Four gentiles among five women.
2 Timothy 2.20-21 In a great house there are various vessels that are used in the Lord’s work. Can be cleansed, sanctified for honour, calling.
Monday Exodus 6.29-7.7 Moses is to speak the word of God to bring release and for people to know that Yahweh is God.
Matthew 4.4 Jesus speaks the word of God to deal with Satan, for man does not live by bread alone.
2 Peter 1.17-21 We have the prophetic word that confirms the word of God spoken on the mount of transfiguration.
Tuesday Exodus 7.8-8.10 Moses' rod consumes the magicians' snakes. Plagues of blood and frogs – signs of God’s power before deliverance.
Luke 21.25-28 Signs in the heavens before Jesus returns are to cause us to lift our hearts to the Lord and look up for our salvation draws nigh.
Revelation 8.7-9 Signs in the heavens: the first shofar blows and there is hail and fire mixed with blood; next shofar: the sea turns to blood.
Wednesday Exodus 8.11-22 Plagues of lice and insects but the Jews in Goshen remain unaffected. Even the magicians say 'this is the finger of God'.
Matthew 27.54 Seeing the earthquake and people coming out of their graves even the Roman centurion says, 'He really was the Son of God.'
Revelation 9.1-12 Woes that will occur before the end. The shofar for the first woe of locusts. Those with the seal of God are not hurt.
Thursday Exodus 8.23 – 9.16 Plagues on the livestock and of boils. God could have wiped out the Egyptians. God's name proclaim, worship the aim.
Matthew 24. 21-22 Tribulation worse than the plagues of Egypt foretold. The time will be shortened for the elects' sake.
1 Peter 4.7-19 How to behave in times of trial. Judgement begins at the house of God. Don’t be surprised at the fiery trial you go through.
Friday Exodus 9.17 – 35 Plague of hail. Some Egyptians heed the warning. Pharaoh admits wrong but still reneges on his promise.
Luke 21. 25 – 26 Jesus gives warning of the signs that will appear and how men’s hearts will fail them for fear.
Revelation 10.1 – 4 The seven thunders speak out but what they said is heard but John is not permitted to write it down. (We see in part.)

Haftarah Ezekiel 28.25 - 29.31

Parashah 15 - Bo - Go - Exodus 10.1 – 13.16

Shabbat Exodus 10.1-11 Moses before the ruler, warns of a plague of locusts. Pharaoh opposes release, says that they plot evil.
Luke 23.1-12 Jesus before the rulers. Pilate and Herod become friends in opposition to Jesus. The Saviour of Man is kept in prison.
Acts 23.1-10 Paul before the chief priests and the high priest, the leader of the people. Dissent over the resurrection. He is kept in jail.
Sunday Exodus 10.12-23 Locusts invade. Pharaoh pretends compliance. Then thick darkness covers the land under judgement for three days.
Mark 15.33 When Jesus dies darkness covers the land of Israel for three hours showing that sin is under judgement.
Revelation 6.12-17 The sixth seal judgement. The sun turns black. People ask the mountains to cover them from the wrath of the Lamb.
Monday Exodus 10.24-11.3 Final plague announced. Pharaoh denies animals for sacrifice. God tells people to get jewellery from the Egyptians.
John 12.37-43 Despite miracles some don't believe, others do in secret because they preferred the praise of men to God's praise.
Romans 15.25-33 Aid raised from Gentiles for God’s Jewish people. Paul's prayer that he may be delivered from unbelievers.
Tuesday Exodus 11.4 – 12.20 God announces the death of all the first born and establishes the Passover observance for all time.
Luke 22.7-20 Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, establishes the New Covenant at Passover with Communion the observance of His death.
1 Corinthians 11.23-26 Paul reminds them of the New Covenant Jesus established and to observe it until He returns.
Wednesday Exodus 12.21-28 Instructions on observing Passover: teach children, sprinkle blood with hyssop; stay indoors; the blood will protect you.
John 19.29-30 Jesus given sour wine on a branch of hyssop. It is His blood that is sprinkled on us for deliverance from sin. It is finished.
Hebrews 9.11-14 The shedding of Jesus' own blood purifies our conscience from dead works.
Thursday Exodus 12.29-51 Three day sacrifice rejected. Passover night; the first born die and the Jews leave Egypt.
Matthew 27.46-53 The Son of God dies; three day sacrifice completed; Passover is fulfilled; Temple veil rent; saints rise, leave their graves.
Hebrews 10. 19-23 We may enter the Holy Place, our hearts sprinkled with blood, cleansed from an evil conscience; hold fast and confess.
Friday Exodus 13.1-16 The firstborn to be set aside for the Lord. No leaven when they observe Passover; reminders on hands and forehead.
Matthew 3.13-17 The Father acknowledges His favour is on His Son as the Spirit of God alights as a dove on His head.
Romans 8.14-17 We say Abba, Father, and we receive the Holy Spirit who bears witness with our spirit, reminds us, we are the sons of God.

Haftarah Jeremiah 46.13-28

Parashah 16 - B’shallach - After he had let go - Exodus 13.17- 17.16

Shabbat Exodus 13.17-14.8 God’s pillar of cloud or column of fire leads the Israelites away from their oppressors. Joseph’s bones also taken along.
Luke 4.28-30 Jesus walks away from those who would kill him by throwing Him over a cliff.
Acts 9.1-2 Saul had been an oppressor who threatened and slaughtered Christians before his conversion.
Sunday Exodus 14.9-14 The Egyptians pursue but God says not to be afraid and to stand still and see the salvation of God doing battle for them.
Luke 12 29-32 The little flock is not to be afraid and they will see the provision of God in everyday life.
Ephesians 6.10-13 Be strong in the power of God’s might, standing your ground in the full armour of God.
Monday Exodus 14.15-25 God will be honoured for the way he delivers His people. The wind, ruach, on the waters recalls creation.
Matthew 17.20-21 Faith as a grain of mustard seed is all that is needed to move mountains.
Hebrews 11.29 We learn that it was by faith that the Israelites walked safely through the Red Sea.
Tuesday Exodus 14.26 –15.26 The Egyptians are drowned. Song of praise by Moses. At Marah the bitter waters cured and made sweet by a tree.
John 20.19-29 Jesus, risen from his death on the cross (tree), appears to His fearful Apostles and cures the doubts of Thomas.
Ephesians 1.7-14 Our redemption is through the blood of Jesus shed on the cross that we should be for a praise to His glory.
Wednesday Exodus 15.27-16.10 From the waters of Elim to trials in the desert. The people grumble. God promises them manna.
Matthew 3.13-4.11 From the waters of baptism to hunger, temptation in the desert. Man does not live by bread alone. God’s word in trials.
1 Peter 4.12-19 Don't be surprised at the fiery ordeal but commit to Him as a faithful creator. Judgement begins at the house of God.
Thursday Exodus 16.11-36 Manna falls. Rely on God daily and collect a double portion of manna only for the Sabbath and don't go out on that day.
John 6.30-58 Jesus is the living manna come down from heaven for those who trust Him daily. He who eats shall not die but live forever.
1 Corinthians 11.17-34 We are to discern the Lord’s body correctly so that we eat and drink worthily of His body and blood.
Friday Exodus 17.1-16 Moses strikes the rock and the water flows. Moses prays with hands on high and Amalek is defeated. An altar is built.
John 7.37-39 For those who believe in Jesus, the Rock, out of his belly shall flow living waters – the Spirit of God.
Acts 2.1-21 The promise of living waters is fulfilled when the Spirit comes on the disciples at Pentecost. Peter preaches.

Haftarah Judges 4.4-5.31

Parashah 17 - Yitro - Jethro - Exodus 18.1 – 20.23

Shabbat Exodus 18.1-12 Jethro brings back Zipporah and his grandsons and worships Yahweh and offers sacrifice with Moses and the leadership.
Luke 4. 33-41 Between episodes of devils rebuked and cast out Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law, who in turn serves Him and the Apostles.
2 Timothy 1.5-7 Timothy’s grandmother’s faith. Stir up the gift for we are given a spirit not of fear but of love and of a sound mind.
Sunday Exodus 18.13-23 Jethro recommends Moses share the work load by teaching suitable helpers if Elohim commands him to do so.
Luke 6.12- 16 Jesus spends the night in prayer and then chooses twelve Apostles from His disciples.
Acts 1.15-26 The Apostles choose by lot an Apostle as a replacement for Judas.
Monday Exodus 18. 24 –27 Moses appoints men to help him and puts them in charge over groups of people. He will continue to do the difficult cases.
Luke 12. 13-21 Jesus is asked to make a man divide his inheritance but Jesus asks who made Him judge? They need to be rich towards God.
Acts 6. 1- 7 So they can devote themselves to prayer and the word the Apostles appoint seven full of the Spirit and wisdom to wait on tables.
Tuesday Exodus 19.1 – 6 God calls Moses up the mountain in Sinai to tell him to instruct the people to be a nation of priests, a holy nation.
Matthew 5.1 – 10 The sermon on the mount: On a mount in Israel Jesus instructs the people as to who will inherit the kingdom of God.
Acts 17. 22- 34 On the hill of Ares in Athens: Paul reveals the unknown God in whom we live and who resurrects us.
Wednesday Exodus 19.7-19 The people to consecrate themselves and keep off the mountain. God descends in fire on the mountain to Moses.
Matthew 3.1-12 John, who baptised with water, says to prepare the way of the Lord, who will baptise with the fire of the Holy Spirit.
Hebrews 2.1-4 We are not to neglect so great a salvation spoken by Jesus and confirmed by His signs and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Thursday Exodus 19.20- 20.17 Moses returns to the mountain with Aaron and receives the Ten Commandments, the Ten Words of God.
John 13.34-35;15.9-18 Jesus gives a new commandment to love one another so that all men will know we are His disciples.
1 John 3.10 – 18 The sons of God are manifest in that we know we have passed from death to life when we love the brethren.
Friday Exodus 20.18-26 Wherever I cause my name to be honoured I will come to you and bless you. Altar instructions. The people hear thunder.
Matthew 18.19-20 Where two or three are gathered in His name he is in their midst. Assemble in His name and agree to ask the Father.
Acts 2.1-4 At the Festival of Weeks the disciples are gathered and the Holy Spirit descends in tongues of fire and gives them utterances.

Haftarah Judges 6.1 – 7.6; 9.5 – 6

Parashah 18 - Mishpatim - Rulings - Exodus 21.1 – 24.18

Shabbat Exodus 21.1 –19 Dealings with slaves, criminal offences. A servant may elect to remain with his master and has his ear pierced.
Luke 6. 27-31 Dealing with those who offend you. Turning the other cheek. Loving those who treat you badly.
Romans 13.1-10 The role of governing authorities in dealing with offences. Owe no man anything except love which fulfils the Torah.
Sunday Exodus 21.20 – 22.4 Matters of restitution; negligence, culpability and damages. An eye for an eye.
Matthew 5.38-45 An eye for an eye revoked. Going the extra mile. The aim is to be true sons of the Father.
Philemon 8-18 Paul goes the extra mile in offering to pay damages for the runaway slave whom he asks Philemon to accept now as a brother.
Monday Exodus 22.5-27 Dealing with disputes, liabilities, collateral. God will come to the wronged who cry out to Him because He is compassionate.
Mark 7.17- 23 The cause of disputes, wrong doing, uncleanness, comes from within a man.
1 Corinthians 6.1-11 Settle disputes among the brethren not in the public courts. Jesus and the Spirit cleanse, set apart, make righteous.
Tuesday Exodus 22.28 –23.5 Being separated to God in the midst of pagans. A call for offerings, justice, testimony. Kindness to those who hate you.
Matthew 5.43-48 Being children of God in the midst of enemies: love them, pray for those who persecute you.
1 Peter 1.3-7 Being born again to a living hope in the midst of trials; being tried like gold in the furnace.
Wednesday Exodus 23.6-19 Three feasts mandated for attendance: Matzah (Passover Lamb sacrificed),Harvest(Weeks), Ingathering (Tabernacles)
Matthew 26.26-30 Jesus, the Passover Lamb for us now, celebrates the Passover Lamb of the Exodus of the past, and points to the future feast.
Revelation 19.7-9 The future marriage feast of the Lamb to which overcomers are invited.
Thursday Exodus 23.20-25 God sends His angel to guide them into the Promised Land. They are to obey the guide because God’s name resides in Him.
John 16. 7-15 Jesus promises to send the comforting Counsellor to guide His disciples into all truth.
Romans 8.26-28 The Spirit guides and helps us in our weakness for we do not know how we should pray.
Friday Exodus 23.26- 24.18 Moses receives revelation on the mountain from God. The Lord declares the boundaries for Israel.
Matthew 5.17-20 Jesus came to fulfil the Torah that was revealed. Our righteousness to exceed that of the Scribes and the Pharisees.
2 Corinthians 12.2-10 Paul was taken up into heaven and given revelation that it was not lawful for him to utter. Strength in weakness.

Haftarah Jeremiah 34.8-22; 33.25 –26