Parashah 1 - B’resheet - In the beginning - Genesis - 1.1-6.8

Shabbat Genesis 1.1-13 Creation: days one to three. God speaks the words that create the world.
John 1.1-5 In the beginning was the Word and the Word becomes flesh and enters creation. And the Word was God.
Colossians 1.15-17 All things were created through Him and for Him.
Sunday Genesis 1.14-23 Days three to five of creation. The moon and stars and living things.
Mark 13.21-27 The sun, moon will stop shining, the stars will fall, then the Son of Man will come on the clouds.
Revelation 21. 1-4 The promise of a new heaven and a new earth and the dwelling of God will be with men.
Monday Genesis 1.24-2.3 Creation days six and seven. Man is created and God rested from His work.
John 1.6-14 The Word became man and those who believed in Him received the right to become the children of God.
Ephesians 1.3-6 He chose us in love before the creation of the world to be holy and without blame in his presence.
Tuesday Genesis 2.4-3.21 Adam and Eve expelled from Eden. They hide. God’s first question in the Bible, “Where are you?” God seeks us.
John 1.35-40 Jesus’ first question in John’s Gospel, “What do you seek?” We seek God. He invites us to come and see.
Romans 8.12-17 Living not according to the fallen nature but according to the Spirit.
Wednesday Genesis 3.22-4.26 Cain, whose offering was not accepted, kills Abel, whose offering was accepted. Cain went out from the Lord’s presence.
Matthew 5.21-24 Leaving your gift at the altar to be reconciled with your brother.
Hebrews 11.4 Abel is attested as righteous because of his faith.
Thursday Genesis 5.1-24 Genealogy from Adam, created in God’s image to Enoch, who by faith walked with God and was not for God took him.
John 21.20-23 We are to follow Jesus in faith and not be concerned with His plans for others. Yeshua is to be central, the focus.
1 Peter 1.22-25 Purifying ourselves by obeying the truth. We are born of an incorruptible seed.
Friday Genesis 5.25-6.8 Man’s imaginings were only evil on the earth but Noah found grace in the sight of the Lord.
Luke 18.8-14 Will the Son of Man find faith on the earth when He comes again? How to be exalted by God.
1 Peter 4.17-19 Judgement begins with the house of God. Entrust yourself to a faithful God by continuing to do good.

Haftarah Isaiah 42.5-43.10

Parashah 2 - Noah - Genesis 6.9-11.32

Shabbat Genesis 6.9-22 Noah, righteous and blameless, is warned about how to prepare for and survive judgement at the end of his age.
Matthew 24.1-31 Jesus foretells the ending of the present age and warns us what to be on the lookout for.
Romans 1.16-17 The gospel is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes. We can be saved out of this age.
Sunday Genesis 7.1-16 Noah, the only righteous one in his generation, enters with his family, the only means of salvation. God shuts the door.
John 6.66-69 Jesus is the only one who has the words of eternal life. To whom else shall we go? (Jesus is the door.)
Acts 4.8 – 13 There is no other name whereby we may be saved.
Monday Genesis 7.17 – 8.14 Afloat in the ark Noah survives the flood and sends out a dove who returns with an olive leaf – new life is on the earth.
John 15.1-8 Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. Connected to Him we survive in this world and are fruitful and so glorify the Father.
Acts 27.13-44 Paul shipwrecked on Malta but all aboard are saved after God revealed they would be. Paul blesses the bread for them.
Tuesday Genesis 8.15-9.7 Out on dry land Noah builds an altar and offered burnt offerings. He is told to increase and multiply.
Matthew 25.14-30 We are given talents in order to increase and multiply. The man with one talent expected to act on his view of God.
1 Corinthians 11.23-26 The offering of bread and wine we have been given to commemorate our deliverance.
Wednesday Genesis 9.8-17 Never again will God judge the earth by flood. His covenant with Noah. The rainbow memorialises this covenant.
Luke 22.17-20 Jesus memorialises His covenant with us pointing to His return when He will again drink the fruit of the vine ( fourth cup?).
Revelation 6.1-17 The opening of the seven seals begins to bring judgement on the earth.
Thursday Genesis 9.18-10.32 Noah drunk with wine. The sons of Noah: Shem, Ham, Japhet. A curse on the sons of Ham.
John 2.1-11 Wine at the marriage feast of Cana points to the marriage feast of the Lamb. Turning the common into something special.
1 Peter 2.1 - 12 Desire the pure milk of the Word; do not give in to the desires of the old nature. Be a model so people will glorify God.
Friday Genesis 11.1-32 The Tower of Babel; confusion of languages. Abram leaves Ur for Haran en route to a land (Canaan) God will show him.
John 8.56 -59 Jesus says that before Abraham came into being “ I am”. This revelation angers the temple authorities.
Acts 2.1-13 At Pentecost the confusion of Babel is reversed as the disciples speak in various tongues and each man understands.

Haftarah Isaiah 54.1-55.5

Parashah 3 - Lekh Lekha - Get yourself out - Genesis 12.1 - 17.27

Shabbat Genesis 12.1-13 Abram is called out by God to go to a land He will show him. Abram has his wife Sarai lie for his protection.
Luke 14.25-35 Jesus explains what is required of those called out to be his disciples. Matthew 26.69-75 Peter lies about knowing Jesus.
2 Peter 1.16-21 We have not followed cunning fables. Heed the prophecies until the daystar arises in your hearts.
Sunday Genesis 12.14-13.4 Abram needs to follow God in all areas of his life. He returns to Bethel, prospers and calls on the name of the Lord.
John 21.15-19 Need to love Jesus as a precondition for being able to feed the flock of Jesus.
3 John verse 2 John prays for his reader to prosper and to be in health even as his soul prospers. God wants all areas of life to be blessed.
Monday Genesis 13.5-18 Kinsman feud so Abram and Lot divide the land. God promises Abram land and descendants. Abram builds an altar.
Luke 22.24-27 Debate over who should be the greatest. Authority and serving one another. Not to lord it over one another.
James 1.16-25 We should be a kind of first fruits of God’s creatures; being doers of the word and not hearers only is the way to blessing.
Tuesday Genesis 14.1-20 Abram rescues Lot. Melchizedech brings out bread and wine and Abram gives Him a tithe.
Luke 22.17-20 The Last Supper and Jesus tells the Apostles to remember Him through communion with bread and wine.
Hebrews 7.1-22 We have a priest of a better covenant.
Wednesday Genesis 14.21-15.6 Abram refuses to be beholden to Sodom’s king. Abram believed God’s promise and is credited with righteousness.
Matthew 6.19 - 24 You cannot serve both God and mammon. Store treasure in heaven, not on earth.
James 1.26 - 27 Keeping oneself pure and undefiled in this world. Caring for others.
Thursday Genesis 15.7-17.6 In a thick and dreadful darkness sleep comes on Abram. The covenant sealed. Hagar bears Ishmael. Abram renamed Abraham who is to walk pure in God’s presence.
Matthew 26.36-46 The agony in the garden. The disciples sleep while Jesus speaks with God. Jesus pays the cost of the sacrifice with His life.
Galatians 4.21-5.6 The Redeemer came, not through Ishmael but Isaac.
Friday Genesis 17.7-27 Everlasting covenant; permanent land; circumcision mandated; birth of Isaac foretold. Abraham circumcised.
Luke 1.26-38 The birth of Jesus is announced to Mary by the angel Gabriel. His name is also revealed.
Romans 4.6-25 Abraham is the father of the circumcised and the uncircumcised. He is the father of those of faith.

Haftarah Isaiah 40.27-41.16

Parashah 4 - Vayera - He appeared - Genesis 18.1 – 22.24

Shabbat Genesis 18.1-14 Abraham at his door invites Adonai to dine with him and learns that his son will be born in a year’s time.
Luke 24.13-35 The disciples on the road to Emmaus invite Jesus to dine with them. He is revealed in the breaking of the bread.
Revelation 3.14-22 Jesus stands at the door, knocks, promises to dine with us if we invite Him in. (Said to those who thought they had all.)
Sunday Genesis 18.15-33 Abraham learns that God will not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for the sake of ten righteous men.
John 11.47-52 It is better that one man dies than that the whole nation perish.
Revelation 3.1-6 A few in Sardis who have not soiled their garments. He who overcomes will not be blotted out from the book of life.
Monday Genesis 19.1-22 Lot is besieged in Sodom and the angels blind the attackers to get Lot and his family out before destroying the city.
Matthew 9.27-31 Jesus heals two blind men. He delivers us if we ask Him.
2 Corinthians 6.1-18 Now is the day of salvation. Use opportunities God gives. Come out from among them and touch not the unclean thing
Tuesday Genesis 19.23-21.4 The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot’s wife turned to a pillar of salt. The birth of Isaac.
Luke 9.57-62 Don’t look back once you put your hand to the plough. Leaving the dead to bury the dead.
Hebrew 11.11-16 By faith Abraham received the power to father a child. The desire through faith for a better country.
Wednesday Genesis 21.5-21 Isaac is weaned. Hagar and son Ishmael sent away. God hears Ishmael’s cry, speaks to Hagar and reveals a well of water.
Matthew 5.43-48 Be perfect even as your heavenly Father is perfect. Love your enemies.
Acts 9.1-22 One opposing God is turned around when God reveals Himself to him. Saul’s conversion.
Thursday Genesis 21.22-34 Covenant with a gentile.(cf Balfour declaration) as Abraham reclaims wells at Beersheba. Tree planting indicates a return.
Luke 13.6-9 Looking for fruit from the fig tree. Looking for fruit from Israel when Messiah returns.
Ephesians 4.21-32 Let everyone speak the truth with his neighbour. The kind of fruit we are to produce.
Friday Genesis 22.1-24 The offering of son Isaac replaced by a ram on Mt Moriah. First mention of love. Obedience will be rewarded.
Luke 22.39-46 The agony in the garden as the Lamb of God prays. God gives His Son in love. The Son’s obedience brings us blessing.
Hebrews 8.1-2 Our high priest sits at the right hand of God, serving in the Holy Place.

Haftarah 2 Kings 4.1-37

Parashah 5 - Hayyei-Sarah - Sarah’s Life - Genesis 23.1 – 25.18

Shabbat Genesis 23.1-16 Sarah dies in Hebron and Abraham buys the cave at Macpelah as a resting place for her and his family.
Luke 22.7-13 Jesus has the Apostles prepare an upper room for the Last Supper which memorialises our eternal rest and provision in Him.
1 Peter 2. 11-12 Peter directs us how to dwell among unbelievers – to live honourably among the Gentiles.
Sunday Genesis 23.17-24.9 Abraham sends his servant to bring back a wife for his son Isaac. Later learn the servant is Eliezar meaning ‘God is helper’.
John 16.7-11 The Holy Spirit is sent to bring us into the truth and show the world it is wrong about sin, righteous and judgement.
Acts 2.1-4 The Holy Spirit is given to the Apostles to go and get a bride for Christ.
Monday Genesis 24.10-26 Rebecca serves Eliezar and waters the camels not knowing his gifts . He prostrates himself before God. The Father
John 13.3-17 Jesus washes the feet of His disciples. He who is sent is not greater than he who sent him. The Son
1 Corinthians 12.4-11 Gifts of the Spirit. Different ways of serving but the same Lord who is served. The Holy Spirit
Tuesday Genesis 24.27-52 Eliezar obeys Abraham and finds a bride for his son and so fulfils his mission. The locals recognize God’s direction in this.
John 8.28-29 Jesus obeyed and did always what pleased the Father and the disciples will have this confirmed when He is lifted up.
Romans 10. 14-17 Faith comes from hearing the word of God the Father revealed through Jesus to us by the Holy Spirit. We also are sent.
Wednesday Genesis 24.53-67 Eliezar gives gifts to Rebecca. Isaac is meditating in the evening near the ‘Well of the Living One’ when he meets his bride.
John 2.1-10 At Cana Jesus turns water into wine for the bride and groom and guests. Jesus is our well of living waters.
Revelation 21.9-11 John is shown the bride, the wife of the Lamb.
Thursday Genesis 25.1-11 Abraham remarries, dies, and is buried with his wife by Isaac and Ishmael. Isaac still lived at the "Well of the Living One."
Matthew 27.57-66 Jesus is laid in the tomb. The ladies watch and a guard is posted. 'The One who ever lives' is laid in the tomb.
Galatians 5.24-25 Those in Christ have put to death the old nature. Life comes through the Spirit. Order our lives daily by the Spirit.
Friday Genesis 25.12-18 The genealogy of Ishmael. His death. His descendants lived in hostility to all his brothers.
John 10.16 Jesus has other sheep not of this fold and these will hear His voice and they will become one flock with one Shepherd.
2 Corinthians 11. 22-24 Paul too is a descendant of Abraham despite the sort of hostility from his Jewish brethren that he once showed.

Haftarah 1 Kings 1.1-31

Parashah 6 - Tol’dot - History - Genesis 25.19 – 28.9

Shabbat Genesis 25.19-26.5 Jacob and Esau born.. Esau , hungry for food, sells his birthright. Isaac is told to stay in the land despite the famine.
John 12.24-26 Unless the grain of wheat dies... Gaining our spiritual birthright Dying to self.
Hebrews 12.14-17 Esau still had to take his punishment. 1 Peter 1.3 –5 Born of an incorruptible seed for an eternal birthright.
Sunday Genesis 26.6-12 Isaac caught out in his lie. Later he plants in the land and is blessed.
Luke 18.28-30 Rewards in this world and the next for those who have left home, family, wife, for the sake of the kingdom.
Ephesians 4.17-25 Don't live as the pagans do. Don’t lie. Speak the truth to each other. Be renewed in mind.
Monday Genesis 26.13-22 Quarrels over the redug wells, but God provides room to prosper away from the wells of quarrelling and strife.
Mark 8.1-9 Four thousand fed by Jesus in a remote place. In Jesus there is provision for all.
2 Corinthians 9.8-12 God provides every gracious gift in abundance and seed for the sower.
Tuesday Genesis 26.23-29 Once hostile Abimelech now seeks a pact with Abraham because even he sees God is with him.
Matthew 28. 19-20 Jesus says he is with us always. “I will be with you.” This said as he sends his disciples to witness in a hostile world.
Philippians 2.12-16 Living in the midst of a perverted generation and learning how to deal with it by holding on to the word of life.
Wednesday Genesis 26.30-27.27 Naming of Beersheba. Esau grieves his parents. Jacob’s deceit to get the paternal blessing.
John 18.25-27 As he tries to warm himself with the servants of the high priest Peter lies and denies being a disciple of Jesus.
James 3.13-18 Don't attack the truth with lies. The purity of the wisdom that is from above.
Thursday Genesis 27.28-28.4 Jacob gets the blessing to be the greatest and flees. Esau weeps for losing both his birthright and his firstborn blessing.
Matthew 18.1-4 Jesus shows who is the greatest in the kingdom and who inherits the kingdom. No place for manipulation.
Acts 9.1-16 Paul loses his natural inheritance for a spiritual one. He turns from persecuting God’s disciples and becomes one himself.
Friday Genesis 28.5-9 Jacob leaves to get a wife. Esau marries a daughter of Ishmael to please his father but Ishmaelites do not inherit the promise.
Luke 12. 49-53 Jesus brings not peace but a division because Jesus is the only way to the Father and the promise of salvation fulfilled.
Ephesians 4. 12-27 Don't be lead astray from Christ by every wind of doctrine. Deal with the Ishmaels we may have created.

Haftarah Malachi 1.1-2.7

Parashah 7 - Va-Yeze - He went out - Genesis 28.10 – 32.2

Shabbat Genesis 28.10-22 Jacob sees angels on a ladder between earth and heaven. He thinks it is the gate to heaven. God promises his presence.
John 1.45-51 Nathaniel’s dream of Jacob’s ladder; Jesus says Jacob will see angels descending and ascending on Him - the way to heaven.
Acts 7.54-56 About to die Stephen sees the heavens open - Jesus had opened the way to heaven and waits to receive Stephen.
Sunday Genesis 29.1-17 Jacob like a servant gets access to the well and waters Laban’s sheep for Rachel who reports Jacob’s arrival.
Luke 7.36-50 Simon has neglected his responsibilities but a sinner in faith acting as a servant has access to Jesus and receives forgiveness.
Ephesians 3.14-19 Through faith we have access to Jesus and are empowered by the Spirit to act and given strength to know His love.
Monday Genesis 29.18-30.13 Laban is not open and honest and deceives Jacob who ends us with two wives who cope badly with each other.
Matthew 5.33-42 Being open and honest in coping with others. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Going the extra mile.
Galatians 5.19-26 The old nature contrasted with the life of the Spirit in us that enables us to cope with others and bear fruit.
Tuesday Genesis 30.14-27 Rachel thinks to get pregnant using mandrake when she needs a divine touch to have Joseph, the future ruler of Egypt.
Mark 5.24-34 The woman has exhausted her own resources and needs a touch from Jesus to be healed of her issue of blood.
Revelation 12.1-6 The baby, born by the power of God and who will rule the nations, is snatched away for the salvation of the world.
Wednesday Genesis 30.28-31.16 God tells Jacob to return. He uses his talents to breed sheep for his wages and be prosperous.
Matthew 25.14-30 The parable of the talents. Using the gifts that God has given us to prosper.
Philippians 4.16-20 My God shall supply all your needs so that you may be fruitful.
Thursday Genesis 31.17-42 Jacob deceived Esau, Laban; Laban deceived Jacob; Rachel deceived Laban. Don’t hold on to what keeps you from God.
Matthew 19.16-22 The parable of the rich young man who wants to hold on to his wealth which separates him from God.
Acts 5.1-11 Ananias and Sapphira deceive Peter and lie about the purchase price of the house.
Friday Genesis 31.47-32.2 Covenant at Mizpah. There is a demarcation and separation between Jacob and Laban, between God and the world.
Luke 12.13-21 Jesus asks who appointed Him judge. He is concerned with true riches. We are to be rich towards God.
2 Corinthians 6.14-17 Separation from idols and unclean things so that God will be your Father.

Haftarah Hosea 12.13-14.10

Parashah 8 - Vayishlach - He sent - Genesis 32.3-36.43

Shabbat Genesis 32.3-12 Jacob sends messengers ahead to tell Esau he is returning. He divides his camp in two. Prays for protection from Esau.
Luke 9 23-25 What does it profit if you gain the whole world and lose your immortal soul? Taking up your cross daily, trusting God.
2 Corinthians 11.16- 12.5 Paul describes his trials and how God has preserved him. He recognizes his own weakness and need for help.
Sunday Genesis 32.13-29 Jacob, all possessions sent ahead, wrestles for God’s blessing; is renamed Israel. A limp will remind him to depend on God.
Matthew 19.27-30 The need to leave all and to follow Jesus and to be dependent on Him. God determines the first from the last.
Philippians 4.12-13 Learning to be able to abound in all circumstances, intent on God and content with His provision.
Monday Genesis 32.30-33.5 Jacob acknowledges his family as a gift from God and calls himself his brother Esau’s servant.
Matthew 5.23-24 We have to be reconciled with our brother before our gifts will be accepted at God’s altar.
Philippians 3.7-9 Paul considers as rubbish what he once thought was gain in comparison to knowing Jesus.
Tuesday Genesis 33.6-20 Jacob recognizes Esau not as someone to outwit but as someone whose face is like seeing the face of God.
Matthew 25.31-40 Recognizing God in the least of His brethren when we show them love and kindness. This is how to give to God.
1 Peter 1.22 We are cleansed when through the Spirit we obey the truth so that we have a sincere love for our brothers in Christ.
Wednesday Genesis 34.1-35.11 The rape of Dinah: her brothers take revenge. The shift to Bethel. Foreign gods removed. God names Jacob Israel.
Luke 9.51-56 James(Jacob) and John want to call down fire in revenge on an inhospitable village. But Jesus has come to bring life not death.
1 Timothy 4.1 -5 People can lose interest in sound teaching and chase after wrong doctrine and not know the Spirit we are of.
Thursday Genesis 35.12-36.19 God goes up from Bethel. Rachel dies giving birth to Benoni who is renamed Benjamin by Jacob. List of descendants.
Luke 1.57-66 The birth and naming of John the Baptist. Zachariah renames John in obedience to the revelation he received.
Acts 1.4-11 Jesus goes up to heaven in the sight of His apostles and disciples who are told He will return in the same way.
Friday Genesis 36.20-43 The Edomites, the descendants of Esau, are listed. They are distinct from the chosen people of Israel.
Matthew 3.7-12 No boasting:God can raise up sons of Abraham from the stones. God’s children repent and show the fruit of righteousness.
Romans 15.7-9 Welcome each other because God has caused the gentiles to glorify God.

Haftarah Hosea 11.7-12.12

Parashah 9 - Vayeshev - He continued living - Genesis 37.1-40.23

Shabbat Genesis 37.1-11 Joseph twice dreams he will rule over his brother and parents. His brothers don’t accept his calling.
Luke 2.41-52 Jesus is found by Joseph and Mary in the Temple. They are puzzled that His calling is to be about His Father’s business.
Phillipians 1.6 Jesus will complete the work of our calling that he has begun in us.
Sunday Genesis 37.12-22 Joseph’s brothers plot to kill him. They want to kill the dreamer, not knowing his future role.
John 11.46-53 Pharisees plot to put Jesus to death, ironically stating that it is better for one man to die than for all the people to perish.
Acts 9.19-25 The Jews plot to kill Paul because he preached Jesus was the Messiah. He escapes in a basket let down the walls of Damascus.
Monday Genesis 37.23 - 36 Joseph is sold into slavery to traders by his brothers who dip his clothes in blood to pretend an animal killed him.
Matthew 26.14-16,47-50 Judas agrees to betray Jesus for money to those who want to kill him and pretends to be His friend with a kiss.
Acts 21.26-36 Paul is nearly killed by fellow Jews for being in the Temple and is rescued by Roman troops who hold him in custody.
Tuesday Genesis 38.1-30 Judah reneges on his promise and he makes Tamar in disguise pregnant. He acknowledges her greater righteousness.
John 8.2-12 The accusers of the woman caught in adultery may not lay a charge because of their own sin. The sinless Jesus condemns her not.
Titus 3.3-7 We too were foolish and disobedient serving various lusts but we are now justified by His grace.
Wednesday Genesis 39.1-6 Potiphar buys the slave Joseph and his house prospers with Joseph on board. God blessed him for Joseph's sake.
John 6.16-21 The Apostles struggle until Jesus comes on board and then they arrive at their destination. Jesus is the way and the goal.
1 Thessalonians 1.6-10 They had received the word in much tribulation becoming a pattern for all believers.
Thursday Genesis 39.7-23 Potiphar’s wife fails to seduce Joseph and frames him. Thrown in prison he finds favour through God’s grace.
Matthew 14.1-12 John the Baptist is thrown into prison because he refuses to sanction Herod’s marriage.
1 Thessalonians 4.3-8 Be set apart in honour and avoid being imprisoned by sexual immorality.
Friday Genesis 40.1-23 Joseph interprets the dreams of the cupbearer and the baker. One will be saved the other will die in three days.
Luke 23.32 - 43 Two thieves are crucified with Jesus. One acknowledges his sin to Jesus and he is promised salvation that day.
Revelation 3.7-13 They have kept his word and overcome in the midst of attacks by Satan. People will know that Jesus has loved them.

Haftarah Amos 2.6-3.8