I was born and educated in Dunedin and graduated from Otago University with an MA in English. I trained as a teacher in Sydney and taught English and languages in high schools throughout New Zealand. I also studied at the International Christian University in Tokyo under a Rotary Scholarship.

The turning point in my life came when the Lord showed me that I could not achieve a righteousness of my own but had to accept the complete righteousness Jesus obtained for me on the cross. I retired from teaching in 2005 and the Lord directed me to a prayer and manner of praying which resulted in THE EMMAUS PRAYER PLAN

In preparing this prayer guide I became aware of the Lord's love and plan for His church and His chosen people Israel.

A correct understanding of the distinct plans for each is necessary for Christians to know the role of the church and to relate to Jewish people as He would wish.

My wife Lorraine, born in Christchurch, also has an MA in English from Otago University, trained as a teacher, and taught at secondary and tertiary levels in New Zealand and Japan.

Our three children are married and we have nine grandchildren.